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Official Google Voice app coming to the Android Market today (July 15)

July 15, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Official Google Voice app coming to the Android Market today (July 15)

Google has recently announced that an official Google Voice app is going to be released as of today July 15, 2009. Unfortunately, as of the time of this posting, the app is not yet available, which means I cannot offer any insight as to how well it works. That said, once available you will be able to find it in the Android Market.

As to what we can expect, according to other reports, the app will be nicely integrated with Android including having the ability to use your existing address book. A few of the key features include allowing the user to make and receive calls that display their Google Voice number as opposed to their cell number, send and receive text messages, check your voicemail, read the transcription of your voicemail (which is delivered by text or email) as well as view your calling history.

As to when exactly we can expect to see the app go live, that is still a little unclear as it was just noted as being today. Basically, it looks like we will have a lot of frequent Market checking this morning.

Finally, as an Android user, I cannot help but feel a little happy that an iPhone version is still missing. It seems that it will eventually be released, but it was not available at this time. In other words, Android has come first.

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