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New Android smartbook and tablet seen in video

June 8, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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New Android smartbook and tablet seen in video

Freescale promised to help deliver ultra-cheap netbooks running on the Android platform, but first they unveiled a tablet and smartbook using both their products and the Google Android operating system.

Videos from the Computex trade show in Taipei have shown two Android devices with Freescale internals: the Inventec IAC Smart Handheld, a “new class of product” smartbook, and the Kinpo Thin Client media tablet were both exhibited at Computex.


The IAC smartbook, more than a smartphone but not quite a netbook, sports a 4-inch screen, Android OS, slide-out keyboard, and strong video playback qualities. The video briefly displays visual playback that appears to be superior to quality seen on current Android devices.


In a second video, the world also got a look at the 7-inch Kinpo Thin Client. The Kinpo has a WVGA display, touchscreen, SD card slot, USB connectivity, and a full Android OS. It also has strong playback quality, as one would expect from what’s likely to be a media-centric device. The device will be available at the close of 2009 according to the presenter in the video.

Freescale is a company that creates semiconductors and other parts that manufacturers use to create electronic products. The Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader are two examples of Freescale-supported products. The company also plans to support several Android-devices from manufacturers aiming for a Christmas release.