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HTC’s French CEO talks Android, WinMo

June 11, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


HTC’s French CEO talks Android, WinMo

HTC had a relatively good year thanks in part to Android. While other phone makers like Palm and Motorola were on the ropes, HTC was strong financially because of the sales garnered by the T-Mobile G1.

So why is HTC’s chief executive in France, Frederic Tassy, saying that “[HTC] will always [have] more flagship products on Windows Mobile”?

Tassy made the comments in an interview with Mobinaute that was actually centered on Android. Though Tassy was sure to display his pleasure with Android’s performance for HTC, he revealed that the company’s best selling phone in Europe is the HTC Touch HD, and Windows would always be a big draw for its consumer base. There’s still a commitment to Android innovations, but HTC isn’t foolish enough to ignore its bottom line.

Another interesting tidbit from the article included Tassy trash-talking his competitors. When asked if HTC felt threatened by the number of companies poised to deliver Android fans, Tassy said:

I remain perplexed over new players who will offer Android smartphone. For more than two years that we work closely with Google on Android and that can not be challenged in a few weeks… By the end of the year, we remain a strong player in this market. For other brands, there will be I think a lot of bluff with products that are likely to be delayed.

When the topic of exclusivity came up regarding the Dream (Orange) and Magic (SFR), Tassy revealed that HTC is in discussion with Bouygues Telecom to release smartphones in both Android and Windows Mobile. We already know that the Dream, Magic, and supposedly the Hero are all promised to other carriers in France, so what does that leave for Bouygues? Hmmm.

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