Google Voice inches closer to open registration

June 21, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Google Android

Google Voice inches closer to open registration

The buzz around Google Voice continues to grow, with some suggesting that we may soon see Google open the doors to its robust communication system.

Earlier rumors suggested that Google Voice would open registration last Thursday but that proved to be false. However, Google recently confirmed that it has secured one milllllliiiooonn phone numbers for use with Voice. How soon will we be able to snatch up numbers and Voice accounts?

I signed-up for alerts about registration updates when I first wrote about Google Voice weeks ago and haven’t heard anything yet. The chatter about registration being opened and the news that Google has secured more numbers has me checking the website periodically throughout the day just incase.

Google Voice likely has plenty of people doing the same since it provides a universal number, custom voicemail options, voicemail transcriptions, VoIP service, and much more. The accompanying “GV” app will likely enhance Google Voice on Android even further.

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