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Adobe Flash 10 coming to Android in October

June 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Adobe Flash 10 coming to Android in October

We’ve known that Adobe Flash is capable of running Android since a video emerged of a G1 playing Flash content. Flash on Android got a tentative beta release date in October thanks to comments made by Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Naraye.

In Adobe’s Q2 2009 earnings call, CEO Naraye revealed that Flash Player 10 will surface on Android in October 2009. The tentative date for beta release is October 4-7. around the same time as the Adobe MAX developer conference.

Even before the video posted below, earlier rumors suggested that Flash would come to Android. Naraye’s comments make it official and timely. This will be Flash 10, not the Flash Lite that brings limited features on other mobile devices.

Android, Palm’s webOS,Windows Mobile and Symbian will get to join in the Flash party. The gang’s all here! Well…most of the gang.