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Acer Android netbook is more XP than Android

June 5, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


Acer Android netbook is more XP than Android

Acer said they would develop an Android netbook, and the Taiwanese company plans to deliver on that promise. Sort of.

It turns out that Acer’s “Android” netbook is actually a Windows XP-powered device that is also capable of booting Android. The netbook will ship running Windows and Android in dual boot instead of the netbook-optimized version of Android that many expected Acer to release.

The decision to make Windows the default OS was the result of fears about how effective and popular Android can be in the eyes of consumers. Acer chariman JT Wang said this move is “much safer for Acer” because of uncertainty of consumer acceptance of Android as a netbook OS.

Acer will not rule out releasing an Android-only netbook in the future but the company wants to test this strategy first.

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