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USA Today launches an app for Android

May 14, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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USA Today launches an app for Android

USA Today has recently announced the availability of the USA Today app for Android. Personally, this is one of the daily use apps on my iPhone, which means now that it is available for my G1 I will most likely spend a little less time on my iPhone 3G.

Anyway, the app offers headlines from news, money, sports, life, tech and travel. Additionally, you can also find the latest sports scores, current weather conditions, USA Today Snapshots and my personal favorite — the daily photos.

Another nice feature of the USA Today app is that you can read stories both online and offline. Which means that you can save a reading list and then have something to do when the network is unavailable such as when you are flying.

The USA Today app for Android can be found in the Market and is available for free.

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