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More HTC Hero videos, and even leaked ROM, emerge

May 29, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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More HTC Hero videos, and even leaked ROM, emerge

A promotional video for the HTC Hero has found its way to the Internet, as did a ROM that allows G1 owners to port the Hero’s build to their phone. First seen in videos posted last week and again in another post a few days later, the Hero has caught the eye of Android fans and detractors alike who are impressed by HTC’s custom build of Android. Those great features like social networking integration, widgets, and a greatly improved interface have now surfaced on the Internet.

A leaked version of the HTC Hero ROM was posted on XDA before being removed shortly. The ROM is still available through other channels, which you are likely to find if you are smart enough to know how to install it. A video showcasing more features is available on YouTube.

There has also been what looks to be a promotional video of the HTC Hero making its rounds on the Internet. The video was added to YouTube this morning and disappeared soon after, but AndroidCommunity managed to nab the video and post it to their site.