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‘Keyring’ app digitizes store card account info

May 7, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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‘Keyring’ app digitizes store card account info

My key ring is stacked with things other than those pieces of metal that open locks. Next to my car keys, there are a bunch of discount/reward cards for stores like Best Buy, CVS, Staples, Borders, and several other retailers. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to get rid of that clutter?

This is an Android blog, so you’ve probably already figured out that I’m about to tell you about Keyring, an Android app that scans and stores club cards on your Android phone for later use. Account info on a card’s barcode or identifier is saved to the phone and displayed on-screen, so store clerks can then scan it at the time of purchase and credit the purchase to your account. By storing the information on the phone, users are free to leave their mini-cards behind.

Keyring is still in development, but preview images of the app shows that it may be a useful utility for people looking to cut down on their keyring mini-card inventory. There are 150 store profiles for quick access, and the ability to create profiles manually. The device works best with handheld scanners, lasers, and CCD image sensors.

The Keyring app stores an unlimited number of cards, including non-barcode cards that you may have from libraries or car rental companies. Froogloid is working on finishing the app so that it might be available in the Android Market later this month.