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Donut Android build in the works

May 12, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Donut Android build in the works

Just when you thought that you had your feel of Android firmware-related bakery, a new term seems to be on the horizon. Days before most people even receive the “Cupcake” Android update, another branch of development codenamed “Donut” has emerged.

In an online developer discussion group, Google Android team member Mike Lockwood revealed that the Android team is developing a new kernel (central management tool for computers) codenamed “Donut.” The finished product would be Android 2.0, so we’d expect it to either: a) bring major updates to the Android platform; b) provide noticeable tweaks that bridge it from Cupcake; c) both a and b.

There has been no word on what is in Donut, and Lockwood would say only that it would improve on some of the limited support Cupcake currently provides for a chipset used in the G1.

Android Framework Engineer Dianne Hackborn added that a detailed roadmap and feature list on Donut is not yet available due to concerns about “implied commitments that people are then going to base device schedules around when we are not confident enough about them.”

After the long-winded Cupcake drama, I don’t blame them. File this away in your memory banks and hope there will be some clarity provided at some point.

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