Android resources for icons and wallpapers

May 13, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android resources for icons and wallpapers

Customization is one of Android’s greatest strengths. While there are plenty of options for giving your G1 homescreen a facelift, you may occassionally want to get something other than the pre-packaged themes for aHome, dxTop, or Open Home.

If you just want to find some cool icons and wallpapers to put on the home screen – or maybe even create some themes of your own – use some of these resources.

NOTE: More experienced users are probably familiar with these sites. This list is geared toward novice users. Not all icons will look good on the phone because some may be designed to be viewed at a larger size.

Home screen icons

Hundreds of websites offer desktop icons, which can also be used for home screen icons through use with Better Cut. Android uses .png images, but you may occasionally find .ico files that need to be converted (Click here for a tutorial on installing these icons) You can browse the web forever and still not see all of the icons available, but a great place to start is the Dock icons section at (Click Customization > Icons > Dock Icons).

Here some highlights from the website:

J3Cons by J3Concepts

Transformers by YPF

Lucid by Leechiahan

Reality by Kidaubis – (Download)

Also check: Eclipseby chrfb –  HydroPRO HP –  Vista by Gakuseisean

Other icon resources include:


Visual Blast


Getting a great wallpaper is the next step towards customizing Android. Any image can be used, but it’s best to use images set on 640×480 resolution in order to conserve space on your SD card. Deviantart, Customize, and dozens of other websites offer great options.

Wallpaper websites include: