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T-Mobile Germany OFFICIALLY promises Cupcake next month

April 27, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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T-Mobile Germany OFFICIALLY promises Cupcake next month

T-Mobile: One company, three voices. While T-Mobile Germany has confirmed that Cupcake will be delivered next month, the UK and US websites of the global carrier have made no mention of exactly when their subscribers would be caked.

The T-Mobile Deutschland website has posted that a software update in May will add an on-screen keyboard, video recording, website browsing and much more. That effectively ends the longstanding Cupcake drama for Germans but fans the flames for others. There’s probably infrastructure, market considerations, yadda, yadda business speak to explain it all, but a definitive date for all markets would be useful.

UK and Germany had to wait a long time for paid apps, so I guess this is leveling the playing field by making America wait more for Cupcake. Still, T-Mobile is essentially one company, so I’d like to see their subsidiaries on the same page. Let’s hope the left hand and right start working in sync more often.