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Rumor: Averatec prepping a 10-inch Google Android netbook

April 28, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Rumor: Averatec prepping a 10-inch Google Android netbook

Averatec have recently unveiled some details for an netbook that is scheduled to be released sometime in August or September. First things first, they did not specifically state that this netbook would be running Android, in fact they did not even offer a confirmation or denial. They simply stated that “the OS is going to be a surprise” but that it will be “a merger of cell phone and PC technology.”

Given that, it is fair to speculate that the “surprise” OS could be Android. Otherwise, the new netbook will also be an in-house design as opposed to their previous Buddy netbook which was a rebranded MSI Wind.

Now, once again the wait for a real Android announcement continues. This does sound promising, at least for anyone who is a fan of netbooks and Android, however I am not going to get excited just yet.