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Microsoft Office/Exchange supported by DocsToGo and RoadSync

April 2, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Microsoft Office/Exchange supported by DocsToGo and RoadSync

We’ve already told you about the availability of Documents To Go, DataViz’s Android application that provides functioning for creating, editing, and reading Microsoft Office’s Word and Excel files. Now comes word that DataViz has also added Exchange support for Android through its RoadSync application.

Roughly a week after we mentioned that DocsToGo had entered the Android Market — though some users have been unable to see it — RoadSync joins the fray of Microsoft Exchange sync apps like Touchdown and Wrike’s ContactsCalenderSync. Features available in RoadSync include:

  • Secure connection with a Microsoft Exchange server
  • “Direct Push” e-mail (leads to faster data access and  instant notifications)
  • Fast mark and delete multiple messages
  • Sync Exchange Contacts to the built-in application while keeping them separate from Google and other contacts
  • View Contact photos in RoadSync messages as well as Caller-ID
  • Download attachments of all types

RoadSync is in beta mode and will remain free until May 31. Seems like a nice way to hook people who haven’t already purchased one of the other Exchange apps; get ‘em in the tent and see if they’ll pay to keep watching the show. Both RoadSync and Documents To Go (Standard Edition) are available in the Android Market’s “Productivity” section.