HP toying with Android for netbooks

April 1, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Google Android, Netbooks

HP toying with Android for netbooks

Computer manufacturer HP is reportedly considering using Google Android as the operating system for a line of netbooks. The Wall Street Journal published a story today stating that HP is testing Android for netbooks, working to see if the popular mobile platform can be a reliable OS on it’s mini-laptops.

Multiple sources revealed to the Journal that HP is testing the feasibility of an Android-powered netbook. HP has not committed to developing the Linux-based portable, but it is running tests that show interest in such a product. HP did not respond to requests for comments.

Several homemade ports and mobile internet devices have shown that Android is more than just a cell phone platform. We’ve already written about the possibility of it becoming a viable netbook option, and a couple other companies have even announced plans to deliver an Android netbook. However, no company as recognizable as HP — the largest tech company in the world — has reported taking on such a task.

HP’s line of netbooks currently run Windows. Though Microsoft doesn’t see Android as a threat, shouldn’t this news still give them cause to be the tiniest bit concerned?