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Gmail Mobile adds offline support, faster navigation

April 7, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Gmail Mobile adds offline support, faster navigation

Anyone who accesses Gmail in the Android browser will be happy to know that Google has added improvements to Gmail Mobile. The English version of the website is now faster in multiple areas, including reading, browsing, and searching through messages. Oh yeah, they also managed to add offline support if a data connections falters.

Google first showcased the new Gmail at the Mobile World Congress in February. Vic Gundotra showed how using HTML5 and Google Gears allow Gmail to cache (store) messages so they can be brought up faster and without a connection. There’s a noticeable increase in speed and functioning thanks to the new technology.

New features also include:

  • The ability to archive multiple messages at once
  • A better looking interface
  • Repositioned search bar

The updates for Gmail mobile will take place in stages throughout the day. Support for non-English versions of the site will be forthcoming.

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