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DroidIn is Android’s first LinkedIn app

April 13, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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DroidIn is Android’s first LinkedIn app

Professional networking website LinkedIn has been given the Android treatment in two apps recently added to the Android Market. DroidIn and its free counterpart, DroidIn Lite, offer LinkedIn members a chance to follow the latest activity of the popular job search and networking website. Users can view or edit their profile, read recent activities of their professional connections, and browse their network to connect with others.

While both versions of the app are open to LinkedIn members, only the $2 paid version of DroidIn has certain features. Anyone who wants to use the search function or avoid Google Ads will have to pony up for the paid version.

UPDATE: DroidIn supports sending messages within LinkedIn, contrary to the original post. Though there isn’t a direct link to the Inbox, clicking on a user’s profile provides a link to send that person a message. Thanks to Bo for pointing that out.

Both DroidIn and DroidIn Lite can be located in the ‘Communication’ section of the Android Market.

droidin02.png      droidin04.png