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$10,000 Developers Challenge for Android, iPhone, and more

April 13, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


$10,000 Developers Challenge for Android, iPhone, and more

RhoMobile has $10,000 up for grabs to whichever company or person can create the best app using it’s multi-platform framework. Whoever best utilizes Rhodesa development tool that can simultaneously create apps for Android, iPhone, etc. — will receive a handsome reward.

The RhoMobile Mobile Application Developer’s Challenge encourages development in Rhodes. Apps built in Rhodes are written in HTML and then converted to the language of several different platforms, which can drastically reduce development time and resource drain.

Apps created for the developer’s challenge will have to work on at least two phone platforms and take advantage of a native feature like the phone’s camera or GPS. The right combination of innovation and usefulness could then lead to $10,000 or one of many non-monetary consolation prizes.

Anyone interested in competing must register for free by Wednesday, April 15, 2009. Contestants will have until May 24, 2009 to turn in their submissions, so get coding! This could be a great opportunity for someone looking to test their Android chops and prepare for other platforms as well. Visit for more information on contest rules and requirements.