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UK customers to get paid apps tomorrow?

March 11, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka


UK customers to get paid apps tomorrow?

Paid apps are coming! Paid apps are coming! Yes, T-Mobile subscribers in the United Kingdom will finally see paid apps on their Google Android phone. T-Mobile UK has announced that paid apps will begin appearing in the Android Market as soon as tomorrow, March 12, 2009.

At an Android event in London, T-Mobile UK executive Richard Warmsley said, “From tomorrow, UK customers will have paid apps on the phone, and there’ll be a wide selection of paid apps on the market.”

Finally! British Android fans have been treated like the unpopular stepchild recently, having to wait longer than American and other European T-Mobile subscribers for bountiful updates and feature upgrades. Now that UK residents received the RC9 update necessary to browse paid apps, they can begin spending their money tomorrow apparently. Let’s hope that proves true in the next eight hours when the clock strikes midnight.

UK Androinica readers may no longer need to feel left out when reading our Top 10 Paid Apps list. Let’s just hope most of those apps appear on the British market as well.

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