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Tips: Create MP3 playlists with MediaByPath

March 19, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Tips: Create MP3 playlists with MediaByPath

Creating on-the-go playlists is a staple of any MP3 player. The Android Music app can perform this function, but its a laborous process that needs to be simplified. Enter MediaByPath.

MediaByPath makes creating playlists on an Android phone very simple. Rather than having to long press on a song and select ‘Add to playlist’ for each song, the app adds one-click/press selection.

To create playlists with MediaByPath, follow these steps:

  1. Download and launch MediaByPath
  2. Go to the folder that stores your MP3′s
  3. Using the touchscreen or trackball, select each song to add to your on-the-go playlist. (Long press a folder to select all songs stored in that folder)
  4. Press Menu > Playlist to launch the Music app

Playlists can also be saved for later use or if you prefer to open them in other music apps like TuneWiki. Search for ‘MediaByPath’ in the Android Market and take greater control of your music. Visit for more information and updates about MediaByPath.

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