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T-Mobile releases “My Account” app for Android

March 25, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile releases “My Account” app for Android

T-Mobile has recently released their first official app for Android and while it can be considered functional and informative I am not sure how exciting it can really be considered. The app is “My Account” and will allow you to quickly keep up with your current account activity.

The T-Mobile “My Account” app offers online payment options as well as giving you access to view your current activity to include minutes used and minutes remaining as well as messages sent and received. Additionally, the app also gives you a bill summary that includes your balance, due date, plan information.

Also, just to point out the obvious, yes this information is already available by visiting the T-Mobile website, however a dedicated app just seems so much simpler. I would imagine this app will see quite a lot of downloads, it also would not surprise me if it started to come pre-installed on the G1 sometime in the future.

The “My Account” app is currently available and can be downloaded for free. It is however limited to US based T-Mobile customers.

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