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Rumor: Cupcake and G2 update

March 13, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Rumor: Cupcake and G2 update

A T-Mobile USA rep has dismissed the latest round of Android Cupcake speculation. When questioned by BetaNews about recent reports concerning a firmware update in April, T-Mobile USA spokesperson Erica Gordon said that the Cupcake update is an unconfirmed rumor. Though Gordon noted that she cannot speak for other divisions of T-Mobile, she said there are no plans for the update “as far as I know.”

T-Mobile USA and T-Mobile UK are different operations who apparently don’t communicate with each other very often. Spokespeople give conflicting reports regularly or don’t respond to widespread rumors fast enough to provide clarity. T-Mobile’s use of staged rollouts for feature updates only add to the confusion. As I said yesterday, that’s reason enough to not get excited about any Cupcake release date announced.
Do G1 discounts mean we’ll see the G2 soon?

When Amazon started selling the T-Mobile G1 for $97, I said, “Wow, somebody’s going to get a great deal.” When Costco began advertising a deal for only $79, I said, “Wow, a drug addict must be setting Costco’s prices.”

The drastic drop in prices for the G1 makes me wonder if T-Mobile is trying to drum up sales before releasing their next Android phone. Companies tend to offer discounts on products that will soon be updated or replaced, so this seemed like a chance for T-Mobile to clear inventory. In light of recent G2 speculation, the price drops make the idea of a new Google Android phone being announced next month seem more plausible.