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Office doc editing now available on Android

March 27, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Office doc editing now available on Android

DocsToGo is live in the Android Market, finally making it possible to edit Microsoft Office documents on Google Android. After months of waiting, G1 owners can now view, edit, and create Word and Excel documents on their cell phone.

Until now, the only MS Office options were to pay $20 to view files in QuickOffice or rely on Internet access and the Google Docs mobile website. DocsToGo (Standard Edition) now makes it possible to edit Word and Excel files in formatting supported by Office 97-2008. It can also download and view/edit Gmail attachments.

Available at an introductory price of $19.99 (regularly priced at $29.99), DocsToGo is relatively expensive for an Android app. However, it’s the only game in town for anyone wanting to revise Word documents or tweak a spreadsheet on a G1/HTC Dream. DocsToGo also lacks the PowerPoint and PDF viewing features available on Windows Mobile and Blackberry versions of the app. DataViz promised both features when it first announced plans to bring Office support to Android, so we may see them in an update. (Or will there be a DocsToGo “Premium” edition soon?)

DocsToGo can be found in the ‘Productivity’ section of the Android Market.