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HTC Magic hitting stores in April

March 4, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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HTC Magic hitting stores in April

The HTC Magic will start performing tricks in April according to a product page on Vodafone’s website. Vodafone has added the HTC Magic, the second Google Android device to be released in Europe, to its roster of mobile phones, and the company promises that the Magic will arrive in stores next month.

Vodafone now allows interested customers to subscribe for updates on the HTC Magic before it hits streets in April. The company lists many of the features that have made the Magic so appealing, and promises to include the standard battery, charger, and user guide inside the box.

Its great to have a general release date for the Magic, but the thing that most excites me about an April launch is that the on-screen keyboard of the Android phone may be strengthened soon. Since the Magic lacks a physical keyboard like its G1 predecessor, the phone will have to rely on the software keyboard that previous testers have said was a little buggy and awkward. Vodafone delivering an all virtual typing device in the HTC Magic makes me hope that they will improve the on-screen typing feature enough to benefit other Android phones.

Vodafone subscribers or UK residents interested in the HTC Magic can register for more updates at Vodafone’s website.