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Dell Axim PDA gets pimped with Android

March 6, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Dell Axim PDA gets pimped with Android

Normally, I would say that it would be interesting to see Android installed and running on just about any device. Of course, I guess there would be the time when I question that statement, and this latest is coming close. An enterprising individual by the name of Ertan D. has taken Android and installed it on his old school Dell Axim x51v PDA.

Sadly, the Axim is not fully cooperating with Android, as of now Wi-Fi and Power Management along with a few other options are not fully working. But on the flip side, the touchscreen and D-Pad are working great. He was even able to map out some keys to act as the Menu and Back buttons. It was also a good chance to play with Cupcake as the Axim is lacking a physical keyboard.

Check out the (slightly blurry) video below to see the Dell Axim in action…

[axdroid via Android Guys]

AxDroid – Android on Dell Axim x51v from Ertan D. on Vimeo.