Company plans to bring Flash to Android

March 26, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Google Android

Company plans to bring Flash to Android

Flash may be coming to Google Android sooner than expected. Though Adobe hasn’t officially promised the widely-used plug-in will arrive on Android before 2010, another company has announced that it will port a version of Flash to run on Android.

BSQUARE announced yesterday that it has been hired by a “global Tier 1 carrier” to discover a solution that will make Flash compatible with Android. The buzz around the Internet that the carrier is likely T-Mobile because of the word global. Vodafone, another carrier available in several countries that has embraced Android, is considered another possibility.

Regardless of which company sparked BSQUARE’s interest, the software solution firm plans to port Flash over to Android like it has done for over 100 embedded devices. Adobe has said it will likely add full-Flash Android support at the beginning of next year, so BSQUARE probably plans on beating them to punch if they will even bother with this project. No timeline or date of availability has been announced, but let’s hope BSQUARE can quickly add Android to its list of accomplishments.