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Apps: Remember everything with 3banana Notes

March 5, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Apps: Remember everything with 3banana Notes

Evernote’s G1-optimized website is only a few days old, but 3banana is already offering it competition in the note taking department. Though both products are good memory-aid services, 3banana has one advantage that Evernote currently doesn’t offer: native Android support.

3banana Notes is a free note-taking app that syncs between Android and an online account. The CEO of the company that developed the app explains it was created so “users could quickly jot down a thought or tag a photo on their Android smart phone with as few keystrokes as possible, and then sync and share those notes wirelessly and effortlessly.”

Users can snap a photo and then add a text note explaining its significance. That note can then be synced or shared with friends. A trip to the grocery could help you discover a new wine you’re not sure about purchasing, so snap a photo and attach the note “Look into this brand.” Interesting books, ideas gained from newspapers, sporting events, tech conventions, or any other situation could be cause to create a note that will help remember thoughts at a later time.

Aside from jotting down photo and/or text notes easily, 3banana can also:

  • Reverse sync so notes made on the computer appear on the Android phone
  • Label notes to provide category separation
  • Share notes via Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail.

3banana is available in the “Productivity” section of the Android Market. Register for an online account at

App: 3banana Notes
Price: FREE
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