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Apps: NYC Subway maps Big Apple train system

March 24, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Apps: NYC Subway maps Big Apple train system

New York City is known as a place where dreams come true. Navigating through the spiraling web of public transit options that span the Big Apple can be a nightmare, however. As tourist-friendly as New York may be, it can be a little challenging to figure out how to get around town.

NYC Subway Map for Google Android makes riding New York trains a little easier. It stores a map of the New York City rail system, showing a zoomable map with route info. Users can focus on particular parts of Manhattan and surrounding boroughs to discover options for getting from Point A to Point B through the subway. This is much more ideal than carrying a large transit map through a bustling city.

The downside to Subway is that it does not have full integration into Android, which requires users to access the web. When it comes to getting more info like connecting routes or schedule, Subway acts only as a link between Android and the NYC transit authority’s website. It would be better to have this information stored within the app so it is readily available at all times. According to Subway’s developers, offline route info and a higher-resolution map are in the works.

NYC Subway Map is still worth having if you plan to visit or live in New York. Driving is a less common mode of transportation in NYC, so it makes sense to have a constant reminder of how to quickly travel through the city by train.

App: NYC Subway Map
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