Using a belt clip can boost battery life?

February 20, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Hacks, HTC-G1

Using a belt clip can boost battery life?

The T-Mobile G1 doesn’t have a great battery reputation, so G1 owners frustrated by their short cell phone battery life have a few options: keep a charger handy at all times, purchase an extended battery, or get a belt clip. Wait, a battery performs better because of a belt clip?

An article in the New York Times claims that body heat passes through clothing items and affects the length of time a battery will operate.

“Cellphone batteries do indeed last a bit longer if kept cool,” says Isidor Buchanan, editor of the Battery University Web site. “The 98.6-degree body heat of a human, transmitted through a cloth pocket to a cellphone inside, is enough to speed up chemical processes inside the phone’s battery. That makes it run down faster. To keep the phone cooler, carry it in your purse or on your belt.”

I own both the standard G1 pouch and an HTC Wing case that comfortably fits my G1, but I never thought using either would make a difference in battery life. The article also suggests turning a phone off and putting it in a hotel refrigerator overnight can boost battery on trips, but I think I’ll pass on that tip.

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