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Kogan Agora preparing to go full-touchscreen

February 24, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Kogan Agora preparing to go full-touchscreen

The Kogan Agora was once slated to become the second Android handset on the market, and then it was put on a permanent hold. But the latest installment seems to be pointing to having another Kogan Agora handset in the works, and this time instead of sporting a Blackjack like appearance it will be a full-touchscreen model. The details of the new model are mostly unknown, but it is speculated that it will ditch the physical favor in favor of the virtual keyboard. It is also expected to have a 3.8-inch display.

As far as the software demo, it was noted as being “pre-production,” which caused it to be “slow and a bit unresponsive.” But otherwise it seemed to be overall a positive experience;

“Ultimately, the hands on experience left me lusting for an actual Kogan Android handset”

While all of this sounds great, personally I will hold off on the excitement, after all it is hard to forget what happened to the original model.