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Cupcake for Android gets a video demo

February 23, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Cupcake for Android gets a video demo

Those who are curious about cupcake will want to check this out — a nice hands-on video showing off the virtual keyboard as well as some screen transitions. While the update looks real nice, it was noted as being “a bit buggy right now.”

After reading that, it seems the decision by T-Mobile to hold off on the cupcake update may be good news, at least for now. Of course the video still does offer a bit of excitement about what we have to look forward to.

Additionally, it was also reported the virtual keyboard was still “very difficult to type quickly and accurately” which means that those hoping to one-hand their G1 may still have some time to wait.

Now you have seen a little bit of cupcake in action and if you have decided that you cannot wait any longer to give it a personal test, then you may be in luck, well that is if you have an Android Dev Phone along with a computer running either Mac OS X or Linux. Anyway, if you have those and are still willing to give cupcake a try, head on over to the MAKE: Blog and follow the directions.

Personally, I am getting ready to order a Dev unit of my own, which hopefully will arrive sooner than later, but after reading that you will need “a few hours of time” to perform the update, I think I may hold off. Based on that time requirement I am not sure how easy this install process will actually be. If you choose to proceed, do so with caution and good luck.