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Archos preparing Android-based “Internet Media Tablet”

February 9, 2009 | by Robert Nelson

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Archos preparing Android-based “Internet Media Tablet”

Archos has just announced that they are planning to release a “breakthrough Internet Media Tablet” that will have both media as well as phone functionality. So far they have not released any images of the upcoming device, however judging from the specs we are imaging something similar to the current Archos 5.

The announced specs show this new tablet featuring a 5-inch high-resolution display, up to 500GB of storage space, a battery life of up to 7-hours for video playback, the ability to record TV, play a wide variety of file formats including high-definition and powered by an OMAP3440 processor that should give it a “laptop-like performance.” Additionally, it will have support for Flash, Flash Video and 3.5G. It was also noted that it will be very thin, coming in at just 10mm.

Unfortunately, we are still unsure of the official product name as well as the expected pricing. Good news is that it is expected to launch sometime in Q3 of 2009.

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