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Android @ MWC News Wrap-Up

February 17, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Android @ MWC News Wrap-Up

The GSMA Mobile World Congress kicked into high-gear in Barcelona on Monday, and Android wasn’t quite the factor that many expected. The first day went by with relatively few news items related to Android, but that all changed when Vodafone displayed the HTC Magic, adding new details to the product reported the previous day. In other Android news…

Adobe Flash 10 coming to Android next year

Adobe gave the smartphone release of its Flash 10 program a more-specific coming soon tag of early 2010. Flash was first spotted running on a T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream at the Adobe Max conference in November 2008, and Adobe has been working to bring a full-fledged version of the app to various mobile phone operating systems. Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian devices will get Flash capabilities that mirror the desktop version of the program, making it much stronger than the Flash Lite seen on most smartphones.  [CNET]

NVIDIA announces new graphic chips for Android

NVIDIA announced that its “computer-on-a-chip” processor Tegra is available for Android. The Tegra APX 2600, on display at MWC, is part of the company’s effort to “unlock the visual computing potential of mobile devices.”

Tegra chips are expected to be used for developing more advanced graphic displays in cell phones, Mobile Internet Devices, and other electronics like netbooks. The chips will increase video playback quality, gaming, and battery life. NVIDIA will begin distributing the Tegra to manufacturers in the second quarter of 2009.

DataViz offers true Microsoft Office/Exchange support

Mobile data management firm DataViz announced its products that offer Microsoft Office and Exchange support for the Android platform. DataViz presented Documents-to-Go for Android, a program that creates, views, and edits Word and Excel documents. DTG maintains maintains much of Word/Excel’s natural formatting, so editing done on the move easily transfers to the desktop. DataViz also brings Microsoft Exchange support through RoadSync, which syncs corporate e-mail, contacts, and tasks. Both DTG and RoadSync are paid apps that will be availabile in March. [PC Mag]

Freescale plans to support Android netbooks

Android is increasingly moving beyond the cell phone market as Freescale announced plans to create chips for netbooks running the open-source software. Freescale estimates that its processor will provide “dramatically longer” battery life to netbook shoppers, a rising sector of computer users who place more emphasis on low prices and portability. [ZDNet UK]

Throughout the week, several more Android news items appeared, including promises of new devices, new apps, and features that will make Android more powerful.