Android News releases official Android app

January 23, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Apps, Multimedia releases official Android app

Rejoice fans! Your favorite internet radio service is now broadcasting directly to Android phones. has released its official app in the Multimedia section of the Android Market, adding another streaming option to your cell phone. is an online music service that streams songs from a member’s favorite singers, bands, and rappers. It also provides music, video, and event recommendations based on these artist names. The Android app provides these features and more, outlined by an announcement on the company’s official blog.

Our new Android app is a fully featured radio application that leverages the open nature of the Android OS. You’ll be able to stream your favorite stations, view your friends’ profiles and watch out for upcoming events.

One Android only feature we’re pretty excited about is… background streaming! This means you can keep listening while you browse the web, buy songs from Amazon or check out maps for an event that looks interesting. We’ve been playing with the prototypes for a while and can honestly say this is a killer feature.

Keeping with the open spirit of Android, we’re also working to make sure it’s easy to scrobble music you play in other applications. We’ve been talking to Google about scrobbling the built-in media player and will be exposing our service in a way that allows other applications to scrobble songs. This is a work in progress but something that’s unique to Android that we intend to fully embrace.

Some may wonder why they should bother using the official Android client if they’ve already been using the aLastFM Player app. After playing with for a few hours on my T-Mobile G1, I personally feel its worth switch because of the obvious upgrades. The app loads songs a little bit faster and provides more features that better resembled the desktop experience of using Not bad for something developed within a month.

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