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Kogan Agora Pro release delayed indefinitely

January 16, 2009 | by Andrew Kameka

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Kogan Agora Pro release delayed indefinitely

So much for that. The Kogan Agora Pro, which was slated to be the second phone running the Android operating system after the T-Mobile G1, has been delayed indefinitely. Just two weeks before it’s scheduled release, Australia’s Kogan Technologies has postponed the Agora Pro’s debut because of anticipated technical problems.

Australian newspaper The Age quoted a press release from Ruslan Kogan explaining the delay:

“It now seems certain the current Agora specifications will limit its compatibility or interoperability in the near future…One potential issue is that developers may create applications for the Android operating system at a higher resolution and screen size than the Agora provides in its current form.”

The Agora Pro was days away from shipping, so why was this potential problem not discovered earlier in the development stage? The original release date of December 15, 2008, was postponed, but the Agora Pro was expected to be released on time following its showing at the Consumer Electronics Show last week. Kogan promises to address the issue and is already developing a new Agora model better equipped to run the Android platform. Anyone who pre-ordered the Agora Pro can receive a full refund by contacting the Kogan sales department.

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