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VoIP options growing for Android

December 15, 2008 | by Wyatt Foard

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VoIP options growing for Android

Options are growing for Android users looking to connect with a VoIP service.  While none technically offer VoIP on the G1, all utilize VoIP services to connect callers to their desired party. Skype partner iSkoot has released an Android version of their mobile app which connects users to their Skype account. The app allows users to chat or receive calls from other Skype users as well as dial international calls at the Skype rate rather than higher cell carrier rates. Some users have reported that the phone number the program dials to connect voice calls is always the same. Adding this number to the myFaves list can render those minutes free. The voice quality is not perfect, a test call showed definite artifacts from the extra processing, but it was adequate to carry on a conversation. iSkoot is listed in the Android Market.

Anther service with an app in the Market now is Voxofon. For international calls their dialer program will dial a local number and connect you to the foreign number at their lower VoIP rates. Users simply set up the app then it will intercept international calls and offer to handle the call through Voxofon’s service. Creating an account even credits a new user’s account with $0.50. With rates starting at $0.013 per minute this should allow for plenty of testing.

Bypassing an Android app, provider Raketu is advertising a custom version of their service for G1 users. Raketu’s web page points users to, though this page is not available yet. However, does access the system.  A limited set of the Raketu services is offered for Android phones. The only voice option is their RakWeb call service which allows users to enter their mobile number, enter the number of the phone they want to call, and the Raketu servers will dial both to connect the call. The main savings is again for international calls.