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New Save MMS app does exactly what is says

December 20, 2008 | by Andrew Kameka

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New Save MMS app does exactly what is says

Since the announcement of Android’s “Cupcake” development branch days ago, Android fans have been excited by the number of promised bug fixes and feature upgrades. One of those coveted features is the ability to save MMS messages, which is exactly what the simply-named Save MMS app enables.

Save MMS gives Android fans something that they have wished for since the T-Mobile G1 was released in October. MMS messages can be lost for a number of reasons, so backing up attachments on a SIM or mini-SD card can be critical. Save MMS addresses this problem by letting users save the photos or video clips friends send to their mobile phone.

Using this light utility is incredibly simple – launch the app and select which message to save. The MMS content will then be saved to the mini-SD card in a folder labeled “savedmms.” Though the Cupcake update will enable saving MMS content when it is released sometime in January, Save MMS is an apt workaround for the moment.