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Google Mobile now taking user suggestions

December 31, 2008 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google Mobile now taking user suggestions

The Google Mobile team thinks you have an idea for the next great mobile innovation, and they want to hear it. Google has announced its new Product Ideas page, which serves as an open forum for user-submitted suggestions for cellular phone features, platforms, and modifications. Rather than limit feedback to comments on the official Google Mobile Blog, the company has created a full-fledged forum to give visitors “a more collaborative way to get your product ideas heard not only by us, but by others as well.”

This is great news for Android users as it  adds a new layer to the operating system’s openness. Members at the T-Mobile support forum — as well as several other online communities — have passionately discussed their wishlist for Android apps, features, and tweaks, and the Product Ideas page now pushes the envelope for developing apps that meet those needs. The Digg-like system encourages visitors to submit ideas and others can agree or disagree, allowing the most-coveted desires to become a greater priority. This democratic development system is likely to improve the methods that Google and third-party developers take for creating Android apps.

Be sure to visit the Product Ideas page and let your ideas for improving Android be known.

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