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Debain successfully ported to the T-Mobile G1

November 11, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Debain successfully ported to the T-Mobile G1

Debian has been successfully ported to the G1, and perhaps a little more exciting, the Debian install is playing nicely with Android. The Debian install directions come courtesy of Jay Freeman, aka Saurik who is pretty well known for his iPhone contributions such as Cydia, Winterboard and Cycorder.

The news of the Debian install comes as good news, but will certainly not be for everyone. To begin with, the Debian installation is reported to be playing nicely with the current Android installation, meaning you can keep your Android setup intact and continue to use it as you currently have been. The bad news here is that, as you may have expected, it is not necessarily a simple or easy process.

Assuming you are feeling brave, and want to continue on, hit the link below for a full set of directions. And for those who are wondering why, especially considering the G1 is already open source. Well despite being open source, Google is not allowing for root access and that will limit the full potential and certain things such as video recording will not be possible. According to Suarik; “there’s no way in hell you could do video compression fully in software fully on dalvik”

So, we have yet another interesting development in the world of the G1, but despite usually being open to play, I am going to take a pass on this one. If anyone is feeling brave enough, feel free to keep us posted on your outcome and experience.

[saurik via modmygphone]