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Can we expect to see an Android-powered netbook in 2009?

November 26, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Can we expect to see an Android-powered netbook in 2009?

The speculation surrounding netbooks only seems to be getting stronger, and the latest rumors are suggesting that we could have an Android-powered netbook in our future. Of course, this could possibly lead to a nice small tablet as well, but based on the popularity (or current lack of) a tablet would most likely come after a netbook.

So far nothing has been stated publicly about a netbook, however Google has mentioned in the past that they will eventually bring Android to the desktop market. We can also expand on that a little further, because it has been rumored that the x86 version of Android will be available in Q1 2009, hence the Android-powered netbook in 2009 rumor.

The one downside here is that Google has pushed quite a lot into the cloud, we have Gmail, Google Docs and more, all available with a Internet connection. Personally I think that in order to see an Android-powered netbook really succeed some of that would have to come offline, hopefully not by way of Google Gears. Of course, on the positive side, with Android being an open-source OS the cost would likely be able to remain low.