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T-Mobile expecting to sell 600,000 G1′s in 2008

October 28, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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T-Mobile expecting to sell 600,000 G1′s in 2008

It turns out that those previous estimates of 1.5 million G1′s being sold under pre-order were more fiction that fact. But thanks to a recent interview with the Mercury News, CEO Peter Chou gave a little more detail on what they were expecting to ship.

“It will be more than what we originally planned. I’m saying we will ship more than 600,000.”

While that estimate does not put the G1 in the ballpark of the iPhone 3G, it is nothing to poke fun at, 600,000 units in just over two months time is a pretty respectable number. Chou was also asked what they were expecting to do in 2009, but unfortunately he was not able to go into specifics and simply stated that they were “confident about our competitiveness next year.”

Chou went on to state that the G1 “has a very good quality keyboard” and “Americans are very keyboard-oriented.” That alone should help at least a few people to pick the G1 over the rival iPhone.

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