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Is the T-Mobile G1 heading to Wal-Mart?

October 28, 2008 | by Robert Nelson

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Is the T-Mobile G1 heading to Wal-Mart?

Although still in the rumor stage, it appears that Wal-Mart may soon be selling the G1. So far the details are unconfirmed, but I would say that they are believable. According to the rumors, the G1 will be available in select Wal-Mart locations beginning on November 24. Additionally, and perhaps the better news is that it is expected to retail for $148.88, which is a $31.11 savings over the T-Mobile list price.

Personally, I am not sure that the $30 savings would be worth a months wait to pick up a G1, but that aside, having it available in Wal-Mart will put in in the eyes of plenty more potential customers which can only be good news for Android as a whole.

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